Golf King

The Golf King Superstore boasts a full range of Men's, Ladies and Junior's hardware, apparel and accessories. Our specialty services include; full custom fittings of all clubs, determined by our state of the art golfing simulator (at no extra charge). This includes a free lesson by PGA Professional, and shop owner, Anthony Johnson (in store in air-conditioned comfort, or on course).

Why not book a private lesson (individual or group), in order to improve; swing plane, launch angles, spin rates etc? For a full list of pricing (dependant on location and duration), please do not hesitate to contact us in person, via email or phone.

Don't have what you're looking for? As Central Queensland's largest golf store, it is our mission and focus to happily assist you in finding that perfect golf item or accessory to fit your desired budget and timeframe. If it's not instore, we will endeavour to source it for you at the best price, guaranteed.


We offer a full array of club repairs, ranging from; fitting new and replacing worn grips, fixing/replacing golf shafts, adjusting lie angles of existing and new clubs, extending the length of existing shafts, sanding and polishing existing clubs to showroom standard, adjusting swing weight of clubs to suit player's needs etc.

Custom Fitting

To select the perfect clubs for your individual needs, our in-store golfing simulator offers the latest technology to ensure a precise match. With many fitters explaining that apparent poor technique can often be due to an ill-fitting iron, having a free custom fitting at our North Mackay golfing store is vital.

We measure your height, stance and grip, as well as ascertain your weight in order to achieve the correct length, shaft flex and lie angle. If you don't have the right fitting equipment, you will hinder your golfing progress with unnatural compensations instead of developing the proper mechanics of your swing.

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